Sternenwissen und Weltbürgertum in Medien und Kultur

Veranstaltungsort: Internationales Kolleg Morphomata, Weyertal 59, (Rückgebäude), 3. Stock, 50937 Köln

Konzept: Sonja A.J. Neef, Dietrich Boschung & Henry Sussman

Kontakt: Jan Willms

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Cosmology and cosmopolitanism describe two different types of knowledge or belief, one deriving from natural sciences, the other from the Humanities. Both discourses, each in its own epistemic frame, deal with concepts of cosmos, universe, globe, world, or planet. The conference explores the dynamic processes by which, on the one hand, cosmological ideas and, on the other hand, cultural, political, philosophical, or religious ideas have been affecting one another.
The conference is particularly sensitive to the role of the media in this exchange. It seeks to investigate how shifts in the history of media interact with epistemological and ideological changes - from the first telescopic observation of the solar system by Galileo in 1609, until our present age of digital astral photography, radio electronics, artificial satellites, and space travel, each time asking how new worldviews force us to reinvent ourselves as (post-)modern, (post-)enlightened, and (post-)global subjects.


Gerd Graßhoff (Berlin): Ptolemaios und die Methode der Wissenschaft

Sonja Neff, Henry Sussmann (Paris/Yale): The Glorious Moment (Part 1)

Sonja Neff, Henry Sussmann (Paris/Yale): The Glorious Moment (Part 2)

Lucia Ayala (Berlin/Granada) Cosmological and Cosmopolitan Ideas of a Plurality ...

David Aubin (Paris): On the Comspolitics of Astronomy in 19th Century Paris

Dietrich Boschung (Köln): Astromorphomata

Annemarie Ambühl (Köln/Mainz/ Groningen): The »Coma Berenices«

Hans-Christian von Hermann (Berlin): Das Projektionsplanetarium als Figuration ...

Bruno Clarke (Texas): Mediations of Gaia

Sonja Neef (Paris): Planetarische Ästhetik bei Mona Hatoum und Ingo Günther

Patricia Pister (Amsterdam): A Metaphysical Star War

Henry Sussmann (Yale): From Leon to Hollywood Boulevard by Way of Paris