Welcome Reception

for Fellows at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Date: April 25th 2017 at 6 pm

Location: Morphomata International Center for Advanced Studies, Weyertal 59, 50937 Cologne

Contact Faculty: Constanze Alpen
Contact Morphomata: David Gabriel

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The Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers an exceptionally broad range of disciplines with a strong focus on pre- and early history, ancient and medieval studies, linguistics and literary studies as well as non-European languages, African Studies and Digital Humanities. Apart from the individual research within the academic framework of the  faculty’s numerous institutes, most research is conducted interdisciplinarily, uniting scholars from various disciplines in a prolific research environment.

At the Morphomata International Center for Advanced Studies, up to ten fellows from different countries and specialties from the arts and humanities cooperate with researchers from Cologne in the analysis of cultural figurations. This dialogue with international academics allows the Center to function as a new locus of research in the Humanities – a think tank where interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives can be brought to the fore. Morphomata is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Andreas Speer (Vice Dean) – Welcome Address

Presentations: Fellows

Lecture: Prof. Dr. Martin Bloomer (Classics) – “Echoes of Ovid”

Moderated by Dr. Sinah Kloß


Afterwards, we would like to invite you to get acquainted with each other over a glass of wine. The event is public, guests are welcome.

Please inform us by April 18th, 2017 if you are attending and write a mail to: David Gabriel ().


Martin Bloomer (Classics): “Echoes of Ovid”