The Challenge of Method in Celebrity Studies

Workshop with David Marshall, Hanjo Berressem and Brigitte Weingart

In cooperation with Brigitte Weingart/Department of Media Culture and Theatre (University of Cologne)

Moderation: Hanjo Berressem (Professor for American Literature and Culture, moderation)

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The discussion will be based on two papers: 

- P. David Marshall, Christopher Moore & Kim Barbour, Persona as method: exploring celebrity and the public self through persona studies, in: Celebrity Studies, Vol. 6, No. 3 (2015), 288–305.
- Brigitte Weingart, »That Screen Magnetism«: Warhol's Glamour, in: October 132 (Spring 2010), 33–48.

In order to get the papers, please send an email to Erjia Zhao:

The workshop will be followed by a wine reception to celebrate the publication of David Marshall’s new book Companion to Celebrity (with Sean Redmond, Wiley 2015).


Please notice also P. David Marshall's lecture on Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 5.45–7.30 pm in Aula 1 on

"Understanding Contemporary Agency: Persona, the public self and online culture"

as part of the series on "Mega-Stars, Micro-Celebrities – Media Cultures of Famousness" (