Venus as Muse

from Lucretius to Michel Serres

Hanjo Berressem, Günter Blamberger, Sebastian Goth (Hrsg.)

Verlag Brill/Rodopi (Amsterdam, New York), 2015, 283 Seiten

This volume deals with the enduring presence of one of Western culture's most fascinating and influential figures in ancient, modern, and postmodern art and literature: Venus/Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. The collection, which is the first of its kind, seeks to explore Venus's significance as a figure of beauty and creativity across cultures and disciplines, engaging a range of media, theoretical approaches, and cultural perspectives. Thirteen international scholars — including Elisabeth Bronfen, Tom Conley, Laurence Rickels, and Barbara Vinken — illuminate Venus's lasting value as a multifaceted figure of the creative in Western culture, from Lucretius to Michel Serres.