Competing Perspectives. Figures of Image Control


Günter Blamberger, Dietrich Boschung (Eds.)

Wilhelm Fink Verlag (Paderborn), 1. Aufl. 2019, 404 Seiten, 43 s/w und 16 farb. Abb., kart.

Autobiographies and self portraits can be understood as figures of image control that try to express and secure a person’s reputation for contemporary and future generations. However, there have always been competing perspectives between self-descriptions and descriptions of oneself by others. It is this interplay that determines the current effects and the lasting impact of self-fashionings – and produces the distinction between “Dichtung und Wahrheit” (facts and fiction), between illusion and reality. Morphomata’s annual conference thus questions the cultural,historical, and medial figures of these distinctions in case studies from antiquity to the present.