Uljana Wolf

Writer, Berlin
Fellowship: 01.05.–31.07.2020


Uljana Wolf (1979), a German poet and translator, studied German philology, Anglistics and Cultural Studies in Berlin and Krakow. Her debut work kochanie ich habe brot gekauft/darling, I bought bread (2005) was awarded the 2006 Peter Huchel Prize. A selection of her further works includes falsche freunde/false friends (2009), her essay, Box Office (2009) and meine schönste lengevitch/my most beautiful language (2013). Her poems have been translated into over 15 languages.
Uljana Wolf’s texts center around language itself, an inexhaustible alluvial mass and sensual material in which, for her as a translator, both language syntheses and disintegration belong. Her words shift between meaning and languages, circeling around linguistic policies and migration issues which correlate to specific identity questions. When not writing, Uljana teaches poetry and translation, and translates primarily from English and East European languages. She was co-editor of the Jahrbuch für Lyrik/Yearbook of Poetry (2009) and is a member of the German Academy for Language and Literature. Her volume of essays, Etymologischer Gossip/Etymological Gossip, was released by kookbooks, Berlin in autumn 2020.


Project outline

Kuratorin der Poetica VII: "Sounding Archives – Poesie zwischen Experiment und Dokument"