Patricia Hayes

History, Bellville (Cape Town)
Fellowship: 01.02.–31.07.2011; 01.04.–30.06.2013


Patricia Hayes works on history, gender and visuality in Bellville, Cape Town. She teaches in the History Department of the University of the Western Cape. Originally from Zimbabwe, she completed her PhD on the colonisation of northern Namibia and southern Angola at Cambridge University in 1992. She has worked briefly in the USA (1992-3) and held fellowships in the UK, USA and Brazil. She has collaborated in several research projects to highlight South Africa’s role as a colonial power in Namibia, focussing on the inter-war years, the colonial photographic archive, and most recently war photography from the Namibian liberation struggle – often called »the last white war in Africa.« She has been a Guest Editor of the journal »Gender & History,« and is now engaged in a major research study of documentary photographers in South Africa during late apartheid.


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