Adriana Bontea

Romance Studies, Sussex
Fellowship: 01.10.2011–30.09.2012


Fellow of the Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, Institute of Advanced Studies, London. Senior Lecturer in French and Comparative Literature, University of Sussex. Assistant Dean, School of European Studies, University of Sussex. Assistant Professor of French and Comparative Literature, SUNY Buffalo.

She has published on French and European early modern comedy and comic forms, on the history of aesthetic categorisations (Classicism, Baroque, and Modernity), on stage performance and on the role of art forms in reshaping modern philosophy, mainly Walter Benjamin’s theory of criticism, Merleau-Ponty’s indirect languages and Claude Imbert’s exploration of qualia. She is currently working on a study entitled Faces and Masks aimed at examining the expressive possibilities of masks within the wider anthropological context of the perception and codification of human faces from the commedia dell’arte up to modern painting (Ensor, Picasso, Klee).


Fields of Research

  • History and anthropology of literary genres
  • Scepticism and the history of science in the early modern period
  • Invention of pre-modern and modern rationalities
  • History of perception.


Publications (Selection)

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