Mark Seltzer (Los Angeles)

The Suspended World

Venue: Library of the Morphomata International Center for Advanced Studies, Weyertal 59 (Back Building: Third Floor), 50937 Cologne

Beginning: THIS MLC BEGINS AT 2.30PM

Contact: Larissa Förster (larissa.foerster[at]

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"What I want to set out in this paper are some recent examples of a form of social-systemic organization that metastasized across the 500-year range of what has alternatively been called the age of discovery, the age of globalization, and the bourgeois half-millennium. This is a world that comes to itself by staging its own conditions: it is a suspended--self-suspended-- world. My examples are drawn largely from the “suspense” genre (from fiction, such as Murder on the Orient Express and The Bourne Identity, to psychology fiction and fictional science, such as scientology). The form of the suspense narrative becomes in our time a self- supporting argument for an autotropic (self-turned) world. Its practices: self-stress and self- projection; compulsive mobility; and the aesthetics of exploding things. Its practicers: pro- fessionals in states of suspension, anti-gravity experts, men in space."

(The Lecture will be held in English)

The lecture is open to the public. All interested are welcome!