Marta Dopieralski-Plessmann

Theatre, Film and Media Studies
Poetica / Research Associate


Organizer of the Festival for World Literature POETICA. Studies in theatre, film and media studies as well as English and romance philology in Cologne and Rome. Master thesis on theories of transcription between script and movie with Prof. Dr. Lutz Ellrich. Since 2005 active in german-polish cultural dialogue: Co-organisation of theatre festivals; Lecturer at summer academies for young playwrights, actors and translators; Member of ASSITEJ Poland (Association Internationale du Théâtre de l’Enfance et la Jeunesse).

Fields of Research

Media & Production theories, Collective Creativity, Theories of Food

Publications (Selection)

· With Aris Fioretos und Günter Blamberger (Eds.): Rausch. States of Euphoria. Konkursbuchverlag, Tübingen, 2018.

· With Yoko Tawada und Günter Blamberger (Eds.): Beyond Identities/ Die Kunst der Verwandlung. Konkursbuchverlag, Tübingen 2018

· Gollum – Disassemble the Monster to Reassemble the Hybrid Actor: The Distribution of Agency within Motion Capture Technique. In: International Journal of Actor-Network Theory and Technological Innovation, 7(3), 34-48, 2015.

· No Actor Acts Alone. Some Reflections on ANT with Reference to the Film Set. In: Le Sujet de l'Acteur. An Anthropological Outlook on Actor-Network Theory, Edited by Georgi Kapriev, Martin Roussel and Ivan Tchalakov, 181-198. Paderborn: Fink 2014.

· Ritual, Superstition and Reality in Film Production. Lecture at ‚Denkbilder–Thinking Images’ Conference at Yale University, September 20-22nd, 2012.