Lea Kreuzburg

Public Relations
Classical Archaeology
Research Assistant


+49 (0)221 470-1434


2009 - 2014 Studies of Classical Archaeology and Archaeology of the Roman Provinces at the University of Cologne.
Final topic: Heracles and the Cercopi. Iconographic studies of the depictions

2014 - 2018 Master studies in Classical Archaeology at the University of Cologne


Since 2010 various excavation activities in Cologne (RGM), Nettersheim (University of Cologne) and Aswan/Syene (Swiss Archaeological Institute Cairo). Geophysical surveys in Trier, Vibo Valentia, Selinunt, Capri and Ostia (University of Cologne).

2014 – 2017 German Archaeological Institute (DAI), Rome Department. Research assistant at the "Fotothek" project.
2015 – 2016 Center for Digital Archaeology Cologne (CoDArchLab), processing and digitization of color images - estate of B. Malter
2016 – 2017 Drawing and digitization of ceramics for the LVR - Archaeological Park Xanten
since 2018 WHB at the Morphomata International Center for Advanced Studies


Fields of Research

  • Greek and Roman sculpture
  • Decorations of Roman villas